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We put lyrics into any kingdom hearts scene. For example, you send us a song and we gif it with a kh scene! So why don't you go ahead, and request?


"I have found the perfect blog and you are it." —wield-your-keyblade-with-honor-

Aahh no!! You’re too nice! 

"You just started but I am nothing but excited for this blog" —wield-your-keyblade-with-honor-

So are we! 

Thank you so much for your kind words! :D

"What's the font you used in the last gifset?" —Anonymous

It was called Monotype Corsiva

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""Fix You" by Coldplay! I think the lyrics "lights will..." -"I will try to fix you" goes well with the scene where Kairi sees the island reforming, with all the lights falling down and Sora watching her. Also, the part that begins with "tears stream down your face..." might go well when Kairi sees Sora's drawing in the cave! >o<" —Anonymous

sure thing! We’ll try our best! 

The purpose of this blog, khwithlyrics, is to recieve parts of songs with specific scenes of kingdom hearts where you think that song fits. Then we gif that scene with the lyrics on top. Pretty simple, isn’t it? We’d appreciate it if you’d request as much as you can, since it’s the only thing we’ll be posting in this blog! 

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